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AIP + my healing journey

Hi I'm Hannah. I have two rambunctious boys, I'm a designer and artist, and I'm the food enthusiast behind Nourish Me Free. I started Nourish Me Free as a way to merge my helath journey and passion for a balanced and holistic healing approach to life. Through sharing my nourishing recipes as I navigate the autoimmune protocol diet (AIP), I hope that you may be empowered on your health journey too.

What I have learnt on my journey so far?

Not all food is for everyone, certain foods are detrimental to my health. Pregnancy can kick off and disguise an underlying health concern. Low stress and sleep are healers. Balancing medication and their accompanying side effects are a trade off, and not a simple decision. An open minded medical team is crucial for support.

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My recipes

All my recipes are AIP-compliant, paleo friendly, and completely free of grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades and refined sugars.​

Good luck to you. x

Nourish Me Free. Hannah Gordon. Eating for Heath. Allergy friendly, AIP and Paleo recipes.

My kitchen

Baking has always been a love for me (be it successful or not!) so navigating a new way of cooking with the autoimmune protocol was initially daunting. If you are a fellow autoimmune patient, someone with allergies and dietary restrictions, or simply someone looking for simple delicious meals then I hope you find some inspiration and enjoyment from Nourish Me Free!


Julianne Taylor, Registered Nutritionist (NZNS)

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