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Seeking health +
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with nutrient dense
foods and a balanced
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Eat for health.
The right food will nourish me, it will nourish me free.
Food is nourishing, but not all food is for everyone. For some it can hinder our health. For me AIP has helped me to navigate what foods cause me inflammation and pain.
What is the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)?


Autoimmune protocol (AIP) uses diet and lifestyle to regulate the immune system, with the aim to reduce and ultimately put an end to flare ups and give the body the opportunity to heal.


Each autoimmune disease condition brings unique symptoms however the cause is the same - our immune system which is our natural protector turns against us and attacks our own healthy tissue and organs. This can result in inflammation, organ or join damage, pain and fatigue. Genetics are thought to account for one-third of the predisposition for developing an autoimmune disease, the other two-thirds are thought to come from diet, environmental and lifestyle. An AIP diet and lifestyle eliminates a number of autoimmune triggers that may help with a noticeable improvement of symptoms. (Learn more)


Types of autoimmune disease are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis, thyroid, hashimoto and celiac disease.



The AIP uses a science-based approach to diet and lifestyle for the relief of autoimmune disease. It is a stricter version of the Paleo diet, which focuses more on nutritional quality and how foods should be eliminated and then reintroduced. 

'The goal of the AIP is to flood the body with nutrients while avoiding any food that might be contributing to disease (or at the very least interfering with efforts to heal).'
–  Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PHD
How does AIP work?

The Autoimmune Protocol focuses on regulating four factors : (Learn More)

•  Nutrient Density  •  Gut Health  •  Hormone Regulation  •  Immune System Regulation

The diet focuses on protein, vegetables and fruits with foods nutritionally dense in vitamins and nutrients, and foods that should not trigger an autoimmune responseIt achieves this through eliminating certain types of food that might be contributing to factors such as inflammation, leaky gut, allergies. 


Working closely with a Qualified Nutritionist will help you to identify areas of concern specific to you. It will give you the support to get started, and sustain benefits from the Autoimmune Protocol long term.

The two stages of AIP
  • Omit all non compliant AIP foods from diet

  • Stock your AIP pantry

  • Eat nutrient-dense and well balanced meals

You should avoid reintroductions until your disease is in full remission.

  • Follow the stages 1 - 4 for reintroducing foods.

  • Note any reactions. If a reaction occurs this food may need to be excluded long term.

Nourish Me Free shares my personal opinions and journey. It provides basic educational information and should not be taken as professional health or medical advice.  

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